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How are unmatched offers referred to a broader group of NGOs?

The world today needs responsible business engagement of many different kinds and so, if a match cannot be found inside the UN, companies will be offered the chance of a match outside the UN. They will be given opportunity to place their partnership idea before a broader audience of international NGOs.

The choice, of course, is entirely theirs.

  • If a business organisation prefers not to extend its partnership offer beyond the UN to NGOs, that decision will be honoured and no further action will be taken.
  • If the company is comfortable extending its offer of partnership, however, international NGOs will be informed through Global Hand, the NGO which built this UN website. It will re-direct the company’s partnership idea throughout a ‘global commons’ of NGOs with which it networks. Find out which NGOs are in this global commons.

Essentially, all of those behind this site believe it to be a tragedy that, in a world of need, any potential for partnership be lost. If a match cannot happen in one constituency, then, it can be offered to another.

The relevant NGOs will be informed at the same time as one another in order to be fair to all. If any is interested in pursuing the partnership, the business company will be informed by email. After that, it is up to the company to choose whether or not it partners with the NGO.

NOTE: All NGOs in this network are validated and cleared of involvement of those NGOs not recommended, according to the United Nations’ Consolidated List. For more information, click here.