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International partnerships: FC Barcelona


September 2007 marks the second year of a global alliance between UNICEF and FC Barcelona. The legendary football club made a commitment of €1.5 million per year over five years to benefit children across the developing world affected by HIV/AIDS. Along with the funding, the sports club will feature the UNICEF logo on its team jersey through the 2008 season, the first placement of its kind in the club’s 107-year history. FC Barcelona will also contribute €500.000 in publicity assets to promote the partnership each year, reminding football fans everywhere of the importance of putting children first. This commitment to UNICEF and the world’s children reinforces FC Barcelona’s motto, ‘More Than a Club’.

The UNICEF / FC Barcelona alliance strategically harnesses the power and potential of sport to raise funds and awareness around HIV/AIDS at the international, national and local level towards achieving the Millenniums Development Goals. UNICEF’s Unite for Children, Unite against AIDS global campaign aims to ensure that children affected by the HIV/AIDS pandemic are an integral part of the global AIDS response.