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The role of the private sector in achieving the MDGs


Speaker notes from Herman Mulder, Senior Executive Vice President, Group risk, ABN AMRO Bank to the second committee of the UN General Assembly New York, 17 November on the role of the private sector in achieving the MDGs.

The speaker noted that:

There are good reasons why business out of well-considered self-interest and “within their own sphere of influence can actively participate in the achievement of the MDGs (and beyond): improving their operating environment; develop new (growth) markets;reducing risks, liabilities and costs.

The “role of business is doing business”. The role of government is creating an enabling environment, Cooperation between governments, the business sector and also civil society groups, together with assistance from international development organisations is of the essence. Convergence of the vision for development as well as the recognition of, and respect for each others’ distinctive features and roles are very important and will create major benefits in output and time-horizon.