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Promotion of youth employment in Latin America


Promotion of youth employment in Latin America is a project aimed at addressing high youth unemployment rates in selected South American countries.

Through this project, ILO has partnered with Fundación Telefónica, Adecco S.A., the Grupo Endesa, Grupo Santander and Grupo Prosegur, the Spanish Government (MTAS and AECI), and the Fundación del Real Madrid.

A joint UN Country Team (UNCT) concept note on youth, employment and migration in Brazil for submission to the UNDP coordinated Spanish Millennium Development Goals Fund (MDG-F) has been drafted. Decent Work and Youth conducted workshops which brought together key players at the international, state, and grassroots levels, to discuss and develop strategies to improve youth employment opportunities in Brazil.

The ILO promoted and disseminated the recent ILO report on “Decent Work and Youth” in Latin America. An ongoing open dialogue on the definition of “decent work” for youth in Brazil is being conducted. The ILO schedules meetings with key players at the state and NGO levels in preparation for the workshop related to this field. She also worked on ILO-Brazil’s first South-South Cooperation Initiative against Child Labour.