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Better Factories Cambodia brings together employers and unions


Better Factories Cambodia benefits workers, employers and their organizations by monitoring and reporting on working conditions in Cambodian garment factories according to national and international standards, by helping factories to improve working conditions and productivity, and by working with the Government and international buyers to ensure a rigorous and transparent cycle of improvement.

Better Factories Cambodia is managed by the International Labour Organization and supported by the Royal Government of Cambodia, the Garment Manufacturers’ Association in Cambodia (GMAC) and unions. Better Factories Cambodia works closely with other stakeholders including international buyers. It is funded by the US Department of Labour, USAID, Agence Francaise de Developpement, the Garment Manufacturers’ Association in Cambodia, the Royal Government of Cambodia and international buyers.

Workplace co-operation between management and unions is at the heart of the Better Factories Cambodia training programs. The training focus is on both boosting productivity and improving working conditions through worker involvement. The ILO draws on its international expertise to design and deliver these improvement programs. The topics cover such things as workplace co-operation and dispute resolution, occupational health and safety, working conditions, globalisation and change processes. Training is conducted in Khmer, Chinese and English.

Better Factories Cambodia represents a convergence of common interests of the industry, international buyers, of the desires of western consumers for sweat-shop free products, and for more and better jobs in one of the poorest countries of this world. As with all ILO projects, national trade unions, employers’ organizations as well as the national government are partners in this work.