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UNDP coordinates Go Green initiative with private sector in Lebanon


UNDP is coordinating a Go Green initiative in Lebanon that includes workshops and environmental engineering contests to promote ecologically sound business practices.

Go Green 2003 was publicly launched on June 10th 2003 at the Ministry of Environment, within the context of the World Environment Day. The idea, initially a simple environment forum organised by Schtroumpf, a Lebanese restaurant chain, has evolved to become a national multistakeholder environment awareness campaign. This year Go Green is supported by UNDP and its projects at the Ministries of Environment and Agriculture along with the private sector: Coca-Cola, Tetra Pak and Barter Card. In addition to raising awareness on a number of environmental issues, the project aims at encouraging corporate social responsibility. This launch underscores an exceptional partnership: UNDP, the government, the private sector, academia and the media were gathered for the launching of this unique event.

Go Green activities for 2003 included a contest where students from different universities compete in artistic creativity around the themes of Fresh Water, Organic Food, Forestation and Reforestation, Energy Efficiency and Desertification.