Partnership story

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H&M Partnership with UNICEF HIV/AIDS Prevention and Care

Since 2004 H&M has been supporting UNICEF’s HIV/AIDS Prevention and Care programme in Cambodia, one of the countries where H&M’s clothes are produced. The programme aims to reduce the transmission of HIV among young people and high-risk groups as well as reducing the impact of the epidemic on children and their families. The project includes activities such as health promotion sessions, a national HIV hotline and HIV testing services. Some of the project activities are especially targeted at young women in the garment industry, which is one of the high-risk groups identified in the programme. H&M has used its access to the factories to help UNICEF reach young female garment workers. In this way H&M can also raise awareness among our suppliers that they have a role to play in ensuring the health of their workers.

Local collaborations with UNICEF
In addition to our global partnership with UNICEF, H&M also collaborates with UNICEF at a local level. As a result, several sales countries such as Sweden, Norway, Finland and Canada have collaborated with national UNICEF committees and engaged in national campaigns to support UNICEF’s work. Activities include various cause-related marketing activities, sale of specially designed products and monetary donations.