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Third UN Private Sector Forum - Engage Now!


In the lead up to the Third UN Private Sector Forum, to be held amid the UN Millennium Development Goals Summit (22 September 2010, New York), businesses are encouraged to engage in UN programmes that address global development challenges. Several scalable programmes have been identified by the UN, each are available for review on this website. Find the links to each partnership project on this webpage.

Categorized by issue area, the following is a list of scalable partnership opportunities identified by UN Agencies, Funds and Programmes that contribute to the MDGs and that could benefit from private sector involvement. We would like to encourage you to review these initiatives by clicking on the links. You can then begin the partnership process with the relevant UN entity through this website.

1. Poverty and Hunger
Project Laser Beam
The CEO Water Mandate
Business Call to Action

2. Maternal & Child Health & HIV/AIDS
The Unite for Children, Unite against AIDS campaign
Elimination of Maternal and Neonatal Tetanus
Addressing Sexual Violence Against Girls
Global Partnership on the Maritime Sector
HIV Prevention Awareness Campaign through Posts

3. Access to Education through Innovative ICT
Schools for Africa
UNESCO’s ICT Competency Framework for Teachers

4. Innovations for Financial Inclusion
The CGAP Technology Program
Regional MSME Investment Fund for Sub-Saharan Africa
International Finance Facility for Immunisation
Business Call to Action

5. Empowering Women and Achieving Equality
Business Call to Action
Girl Up
Results-Based Initiatives (RBIs) – UNIFEM, World Bank and ICRW
Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs) – Equality Means Business

6. Green Economy
Caring for Climate
The UNEP Finance Initiative
UNEP’s Sustainable Buildings and Climate Initiative