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Voluntary Cooperation Programme (VCP)


The VCP, a long standing programme (1967) of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), was set up to encourage support, capacity building and collaboration between the National Meteorological and Hydrological Services (NMHSs) of the 189 Member countries, for the transfer of technology and resources, maintenance of global observing networks and improving the science and skills of meteorologists in developing countries and most importantly improving the delivery of essential climate and weather services to critical economic sectors.

How does it work?
The VCP focuses on meeting the needs of Members through direct financing, and / or transfer of expertise and technology. Since its inception, the programme has been successful in providing significant support to mainly developing and least developed countries. Its success is due largely to the willingness of the partners to share scientific knowledge and the latest technological advances. While the partners provide equipment, fellowships, expertise and financing, the recipients ensure their effective use by providing considerable counterpart contributions from national resources, such as local infrastructure, staffing and operational costs. WMO is striving to expand this network by creating more linkages among NMHSs, bringing more Members into the programme and therefore strengthening the spirit of cooperation and friendship.

How can I get involved?
The VCP programme has so far been mainly promoted among WMO partners and members. However, it is now looking to expand its network and engage more partners from the business sector and industry. WMO and the VCP already enjoy the support of some business partners, but are looking to deepen this relationship.
The VCP Secretariat receives many requests for support with the procurement of consumables, such as weather balloons or rain gauges, Automatic Weather Stations, spare parts etc. This is where we need your help. Your contribution can be one-off or on-going, but we believe that a long-lasting partnership with a specific country could be of mutual benefit. Your company can join this amazing partnership as part of your Corporate Social Responsibility programme. WMO ensures full visibility of all contributions through various mechanisms, reports, newsletters, websites, etc. To find out more about projects in need of support, visit our website or contact the Secretariat at vcp@wmo.int.