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Oct 2010 - Haiti: Cholera Outbreak


Thank you for your interest in helping. The international humanitarian community is requesting $164 million to assist the Government of Haiti in limiting the impact of the Cholera outbreak. To make a donation to a project listed in the Cholera Inter-Sector Response Strategy, please dowload the Response Strategy and go directly to the donation website of the appealing agency you would like to support.
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The humanitarian situation in Haiti continues to be of serious concern. In addition to the challenges facing the country as a result of the 12 January earthquake and needs arising following the passage of Hurricane Tomas, the cholera outbreak in Haiti continues to spread. The epidemic has now reached all departments in Haiti, including the capital, Port-au-Prince. The Ministry of Public Health reports the latest statistics on the cholera epidemic as 1,110 deaths and 18,382 hospitalised cases according to data collected as of 15 November.

Due to the virulence of the strain of cholera, the broad area of Haiti affected, and underlying issues such as malnutrition, weak health systems, low literacy rates, and widespread lack of access to clean water, sanitation, and other basic services, infections can be expected to continue to rise. Epidemiologists anticipate that the outbreak will continue to spread throughout the country requiring resources for at least six months.

The UN and humanitarian community are coordinating curative and preventive actions with the Government of Haiti and local authorities.

The Cholera Inter-Sector Response Strategy for Haiti, a plan to support the Haitian Government’s efforts to limit the impact of the cholera outbreak for a total amount of US$ 164 million, urgently needs funding support. The strategy will ensure a joint outbreak response to strengthen the complementarity of interventions and to identify and maximize synergies among actors through enhanced coordination and planning. While the strategy and related projects emphasize immediate measures, there is an overall planning and budgeting horizon through 2011 to ensure sufficient prevention and treatment measures.

Haiti remains very vulnerable, considering the multiple emergencies it is dealing with and the large number of displaced people dependent on humanitarian assistance for their basic survival. The outbreak is not yet contained, so we need your financial support to help mitigate the effects as much as possible.