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Letter from the Global Compact


By: Georg Kell, UN Global Compact Office

Welcome to the 14th issue of the UN-Business Focal Point newsletter!

First and foremost, I am happy to announce that the 3rd United Nations Private Sector Forum on the Millennium Development Goals was a great success. Chaired by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, the UN Private Sector Forum convened approximately 300 Heads of State and Government, Chief Executive Officers, Civil Society Leaders and Heads of UN Agencies during the UN Summit on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and represented a fantastic example of system-wide UN collaboration. More information on the event can be found here.

This issue presents a number of interesting new partnerships, including a UNDP program for linking Sudanese hibiscus farmers to international markets, as well as a partnership among a number of contributors to eliminate the menace of plastic waste in Ghana. Moreover, the “Themes and Debate” section includes articles on non-financial reporting in Ukraine and an internal ILO survey for assessing PPP initiatives, among other interesting pieces. The “Tools and Resources” section presents a few new tools, including publications addressing partnership trends since 2000 as well as the role of business in achieving the MDGs. Of course, upcoming events of potential interest to focal points are also highlighted.

Next, the date for the next Annual UN System Private Sector Focal Points Meeting has been set for 12-13 April 2011 in Paris and will be hosted by UNESCO. We will be establishing the small organizing committee for the event in the weeks ahead and a formal invitation, draft agenda, registration form and other information will follow shortly.

Lastly,, as a next step in the exploration of a joint due diligence service provider for the UN, the UN Global Compact Office will be organizing a webinar with the service provider MSCI (the successor company to KLD, Innovest and Risk Metrics) in early December which will give UN private sector focal points an opportunity to have any questions answered by an MSCI officer. Please contact Mr. Ian Feng if you are interested in participating in this webinar.

On behalf of the UN Global Compact Office, I would like to thank you for reading and for taking the time to contribute articles to this issue. We look forward to hearing more about your work and we encourage you to contact us with your new partnerships, tools, events and ideas. We hope you enjoy this issue!

Best wishes,