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United Nations Summit Reaffirms Critical Role of Private Sector in Advancing the Millennium Development Goals


At the conclusion of its High-level Plenary Meeting on the Millennium Development Goals (MDG Summit), the UN General Assembly stressed the critical role of the private sector for development and called on businesses everywhere to contribute to the MDGs. The Summit’s outcome document was adopted by the General Assembly on 22 September and includes an action agenda for achieving the Goals by 2015…

Referring to the private sector, the document states:

“The private sector plays a vital role in development in many countries, including through public-private partnerships and by generating employment and investment, developing new technologies and enabling sustained, inclusive and equitable economic growth. We call upon the private sector to further contribute to poverty eradication, including by adapting its business models to the needs and possibilities of the poor. Foreign direct investment and trade, as well as public-private partnerships, are important for the scaling-up of initiatives. In this connection we note the work of the United Nations Global Compact, in which companies have committed to corporate social responsibility and action in support of the Millennium Development Goals.”

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