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UN-Business Focal Point Newsletter Issue 6 (August 2007)

This edition details results of the recent Global Compact Leaders Summit which took place on 5-6 July 2007 in Geneva. Also some partnerships involving, among others, companies such as MTV, Levis, Coca-Cola and Honda. This issue also features some new and interesting resources, for example, new publications and tools from the Global Compact Office including “Joining Forces for Change” and “Enhancing Partnership Value: A Tool to Assess Sustainability and Impact”; an issue brief from the World Business Council for Sustainable Development on SMEs and development; UNECE’s new guidebook on Public-Private Partnerships; a new newsletter from AccountAbility; and a recent publication by UN-HABITAT on the private-sector’s role in sustainable urbanisation. The Themes and Debate section features a detailed look at the Equator Initiative’s Indigenous Entrepreneurship program; a feature on the SEED Initiative and the recent SEED Awards; and news from UNCTAD’s recent conference on transparency in Cairo.