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UN-Business Focal Point Newsletter Issue 8 (April 2008)

This issue contains detailed information on new partnership initiatives between, for example, Vodafone, the United Nations Foundation and the World Food Programme; Chevron and the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria; and UNIDO and Microsoft, among others. Additionally, the “Themes and Debate” section contains some interesting contributions on business and corruption; last year’s 12th International Business Forum; and the final declaration of the 2008 African Private Sector Forum. This issue also presents some new tools and resources, including the Global Compact Implementation Tool, an interactive self-assessment tool to support Global Compact participants with the implementation of the ten principles; the new UNCTAD CSR guidelines; and the “Guiding Principles for Public Private Collaboration in Humanitarian Action” from the WEF and OCHA, among others. A new addition to the newsletter is also introduced: A “Sustainable Entrepreneur” profile. These profiles consist of an in-depth interview with a “Sustainable Entrepreneur” who is helping local communities earn a livelihood while also promoting sustainability.