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UN-Business Focal Point Newsletter

Innovative partnerships with business and civil society have become a common occurrence across the United Nations System. While the involvement of the private sector in the work of the United Nations represents a huge opportunity for jointly addressing global issues, it also raises a number of challenges. In order to address these issues, UN Agencies, Funds and Programmes have responded by putting into place “Private Sector Focal Points” whose responsibility is to coordinate activities with the private sector within their respective organization

However, the role of the Focal Points goes further in that they also liaise with each other across the United Nations in order to communicate information, share experiences, plan and devise joint activities, and avoid duplication in their efforts. As the number and complexity of these partnerships increase, it is becoming ever more crucial to coordinate activities and keep Focal Points from diverse agencies informed about what their colleagues are doing and what they have learned about partnerships through experience.

In light of this background, the UN Global Compact Office initiated the “UN Business Focal Point”, a quarterly newsletter published online with the goal of improving communication and coordination across the United Nations Private Sector Focal Points network. By engaging the Focal Points in its production, each issue of the “UN Business Focal Point” includes articles on new partnership activities between the UN and businesses, new tools and resources, as well as articles addressing key themes with regards to public-private partnerships, among other features.

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