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GeSI works for sustainability in ICT sector


As part of the response to the Milliennium Development Goals, GeSI, the Global e-Sustainability Initiative (, was born in 2001 to further sustainable development in the ICT sector. GeSI fosters global and open cooperation, informs the public of its members’ voluntary actions to improve their sustainability performance, and promotes technologies that foster sustainable development.

In alliance with GeSI’s Secretariat, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), GeSI supports companies and institutions across the ICT industry, including manufacturers, network operators, service providers, trade associations and associate organisations connected to the industry. There are currently 23 company members from the information and communications technology industry.

GeSI’s vision is to:

  • Create an open and global forum for the improvement and promotion of products, services and access to ICT for the benefit of human development and sustainable development
  • Stimulate international and multi-stakeholder cooperation for the ICT sector
  • Encourage continual improvement in sustainability management and share best practice
  • Encourage companies in developing countries to join and share benefits of GeSI
  • Promote and support partner regional initiatives and liaise with other international activities
  • Promote and support greater awareness, accountability and transparency.