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Jul 2011 - Horn of Africa: Drought


Thank you for your interest in helping. The international humanitarian community is requesting $2.5 billion to provide life-saving assistance to the people across the Horn of Africa. To make a donation to a project listed in Humanitarian Requirements Document for the Horn of Africa Drought 2011, please download the Requirements Documents and go directly to the donation website of the appealing agency you would like to support.
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Millions Face Hunger in the Horn of Africa: Help the UN Help those in Need

The countries of the Horn of Africa, including Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia, are experiencing the gravest food crisis in the world today and the situation continues to deteriorate. The UN has already declared a state of famine in five regions in Somalia, with others on the brink. Across the Horn of Africa, at least 13 million people are affected and in urgent need of assistance. While Djibouti, Ethiopia and Kenya are also affected by drought conditions, the massive influx of refugees coming from Somalia further amplifies the scale of the humanitarian response needed in the region.

This will not be a short crisis. The UN and its partners fully expect to be dealing with this situation for at least the next six months. Humanitarian organisations are stepping up life-saving assistance to affected people, but far more funding is required in order to do this in a timely and effective manner. There is a desperate need for food assistance, nutrition interventions, temporary shelter for refugees and the displaced, health services, clean drinking water and sanitation to avert a humanitarian catastrophe.

The Humanitarian Requirements Document for the Horn of Africa Drought outlining the needs arising from the drought for a total amount of US $2.4 billion, urgently needs funding support. The Requirement Document draws on the latest updates of each country’s humanitarian plan and gives a both country-specific and regional overview of most critical needs across the Horn. Stakeholders should expect that these requirements will continue to change in the coming weeks and months, as more organizations scale up, and the humanitarian situation and operating environment evolve. Funding to date for these coordinated actions amounts to $1.2 billion, leaving $1.2 billion still to be provided for actions to save lives and immediately re-start livelihoods so as to avert the threat of more famine in the near future. So we urgently need your timely support to help us to help those in need.

The United Nations has launched a campaign for the Horn of Africa. We are calling for your support to help the victims of disasters and conflicts around the world, and today particularly for the people in the Horn of Africa.

To find out more on how you can help, please send an email to SupportFamineRelief@un.org