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Body Shop International Lends Campaigning Prowess to HIV Activist Campaign


By: Alison Phillips-Pearce, UNAIDS

On World AIDS Day (1 December 2010), the United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) and The Body Shop launched a three-year campaign calling for increased activism and thus heightened public awareness regarding HIV. The global campaign, called “Be an activist”, urges people to take personal responsibility and thus lead the way in the response to HIV.

Body Shop International is the second largest cosmetic franchise in the world. Since its creation as a public company in 1985, The Body Shop has been using its outreach to support issues of global concern mainly in relation to the environment and human rights and, more recently, for HIV prevention). For the campaign, the Body Shop’s in-house creative team also developed a new graphic version of the traditional red ribbon which was offered to the public through their social media platforms.

Lending their support to the campaign were UNAIDS Goodwill Ambassador Annie Lennox as well as world renowned portrait photographer Rankin. Moreover, both current and former UNAIDS executive directors were featured in the campaign with their daughters.

The campaign demonstrates The Body Shop’s continued engagement in HIV response and is a creative example of a UN-private sector partnership which capitalizes on the reach and innovative resources of one of the world’s largest retailers. With more than 2400 stores in more than 60 countries, The Body Shop campaign provides a path to reach millions of people across diverse communities and cultures while also requiring minimal time and staff resources from UNAIDS.

For more information, please contact: Alison Phillips-Pearce Private Sector Partnerships, UNAIDS .