Company name Description of Pledge Commitments Date signed
Stellar Diamonds Plc. In Sierra Leone, Stellar Diamonds donated 25M leones (approx. US$57,000) to the President's Ebola Appeal Fund and conducted Community Awareness Program with workforce and local communities. In Guinea, the company conducted an intensive 1-month Ebola Awareness Program with employees, their families, and the surrounding villages. Buckets with taps, chlorine, and soap were issued to the participants. The company is currently fulfilling requests from mayors of other villages to conduct the program in their respective locations. 26 Oct 2014
Aureus Mining Inc 27 Oct 2014
Golden Veroleum (Liberia) Inc Golden Veroleum continues to conduct extensive outreach and communication with communities in SE Liberia, in which participants are educated on prevention and infection control and are provided hygiene supplies. In addition, the company donated supplies and motorbikes to health taskforces. 27 Oct 2014
Sierra Rutile Ltd 28 Oct 2014
MonuRent Holdings Limited MonuRent Holdings is educating its 110 employees on disease awareness and prevention. The company also provided posters, buckets, and chlorine to communities surrounding their New Liberty Gold project in Cape Mount, Liberia. In addition, they donated 9 motorbikes to Red Cross Liberia, in partnership with Aureus Mining Inc. Lastly, they assisted the Liberian government by providing equipment and fuel for emergency burials. 28 Oct 2014
Cardno Emerging Markets USA Ltd Cardno is providing financial management support to the Ministries of Health in Guinea, Sierra Leone, and Liberia. The company also deployed a team of road engineers in Liberia. 28 Oct 2014
The CSL Group Inc. 28 Oct 2014
Equatorial Palm Oil plc Equatorial Palm Oil donated medical equipment and supplies to the County Task Forces in Grand Bassa, Sinoe, and River Cess, in Liberia. The company's joint venture partner in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur Kepong Berhad, has donated US$110,000, together with other Malaysian palm oil companies, for purchase of rubber gloves. The company introduced preventative and precautionary measures in all sites in accordance with Liberian government guidelines. They provided hand sterilization points and “Thermo Flash” thermometers to check temperature of workers and visitors. They also provided isolation gowns, gloves, and face masks to their site clinics. The health clinic staff conducted outreach services to neighbouring villages. They recently increased alert level to also restrict non-essential domestic travel for over 1,500 employees. 28 Oct 2014
Hummingbird Resources plc 29 Oct 2014
IAMGOLD Corporation IAMGOLD donated US$35,000 to the British Red Cross to support response and preparedness activities. 29 Oct 2014
North Star Enterprises North Star Enterprises provided food to quarantine households with children on a regular basis. 30 Oct 2014
The Mano River Marketing Company As members of the Ebola Private Sector Mobilization Group (EPSMG) in Sierra Leone, The Mano River Marketing Company provided support on communications and media strategy to other EPSMG members and to the international aid effort. 30 Oct 2014
International Development Enterprise Associates The International Development Enterprise Associates (IDEA) provided washing stations for communities in Aberdeen Village and in the Mape Area in Kaffu Bullom Chiefdom, in Sierra Leone. 30 Oct 2014
London Mining Company (Sierra Leone) Limited The London Mining Company made various contributions to the communities surrounding their mine site in Sierra Leone and to the government of Sierra Leone. Contributions include financial, technical, and medical support, equipment and food. 30 Oct 2014
Kosmos Energy Ltd After discussions with the Ministry of Health to understand Ghana's needs and preparedness, Kosmos Energy has committed to donate equipment and supplies for Ebola treatment centers in Tema, Kumasi, and Tamale, in Ghana. This included generators, incinerators, and other supplies, valued at approximately US$325,000. 30 Oct 2014
PZ Cussons International 30 Oct 2014
CLAS Consult Limited CLAS Consult, in partnership with Terra Nova Solutions, is providing logistics and admin support to the Ebola Response activities of EHealth Systems Africa. The company is also actively involved in the Ebola Private Sector Mobilization Group (EPSMG) focused on post-Ebola recovery planning for affected countries. 30 Oct 2014
Sierra Leone Cement Corporation Ltd (Leocem) Leocem donated cement to the government of Sierra Leone for the construction of reception and treatment centers. They company also contributed funds to UNICEF. 30 Oct 2014
Motorola Solutions 30 Oct 2014
Sierra Rutile Limited Sierra Rutile put in place measures to reduce risks to its employees, contractors, and local communities, such as screening for early signs of the virus, compulsory chlorinated hand-wash facilities, and education on symptoms and actions. The company engaged with local communities, by conducting house-to-house temperature screening, and using posters, flyers, and documentaries from the Ministry of Health and Sanitation. In addition to the company's health center, new facilities were put in place for screening and confinement. To support ongoing national and local Ebola response efforts, the company has made various financial donations of US$225,000 to the GoSL National Ebola Emergency Account, US$11,250 to the Bonthe District Council, US$11,250 to the Moyamba District Council, and US$11,000 from the Sierra Rutile Employee Ebola Response Fund. In-kind donations include nine barrels of chlorine distributed to five chiefdoms and Njala University, and loan of flatbed truck to World Food Programme for delivery of food items. 30 Oct 2014
ArcelorMittal Mining ArcelorMittal donated £350,000 (approx. US$550,000) to Red Cross UK. The company also worked closely with the local county governments in Liberia on various efforts. In Nimba and Grand Bassa, these include construction of 4 facilities, reparation of 2 ambulances, and provision of 2 vehicles for surveillance. In all counties, these include the provision of fuel, hygiene, and medical supplies. At the national level, the company provided an airport medical screening room and donated new ambulances to the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare. Furthermore, the company is supporting Africare on the Ebola contact tracing project. 31 Oct 2014
General Electric The GE Foundation donated US$2M to launch a coalition led by Partners In Health and Last Mile Health to help fight Ebola. The coalition will establish treatment centers in Liberia and Sierra Leone and will train, equip, and support 500 health professionals across 47 primary health centers. The coalition will partner with the Ministries of Health of Liberia and Sierra Leone to execute the project in four rural counties/districts, which are Grand Gedeh, Rivercess, and Nimba in Liberia, and Kono in Sierra Leone, reaching one million people. The health professionals include clinical and community health workers who will address both care and knowledge building to help combat the disease. Several GE businesses, including GE Healthcare and GE Water, are working with governments and relief agencies to determine where GE expertise, products, and services could play a role in continuing to strengthen healthcare infrastructure in Western Africa. 31 Oct 2014
Newmont Mining Corporation Newmont Mining contributed funds to the International Red Cross and Project Cure, through their double matching program with employees. In addition, the company provided in-kind support to World Health Organization, International Red Cross, and local health ministries. 31 Oct 2014
CTG Global CTG Global, in association with a UN-recognized Humanitarian Aid Agency and through USAID funding, is staffing and managing the Ebola Treatment Unit (ETU) in Bomi County, Liberia. Additional ETU locations will be confirmed in 2014 and 2015. 1 Nov 2014
Alcoa 3 Nov 2014
A.P. Moller-Maersk Group Maersk commits to provide support valued up to US$1M to the UN Logistics Cluster for logistical reinforcement and coordination, as well as use of assets such as containers, reefers, and forklifts. 3 Nov 2014
HEINEKEN HEINEKEN is educating their employees in Sierra Leone and the farmers in the company's local sourcing project. The company is working with local Parliamentarians and City Council Ward Councillors on information campaigns and provision of chlorinated water tanks for the community. The company donated €116,000 (approx. US$145,000) in total. This amount includes €30,000 (approx. US$37,000) worth of infrared thermometers, €24,000 (approx. US$30,000) worth of Personal Protective Equipment, €18,000 (approx. US$22,000) from staff salary contributions, and €44,000 (approx. US$55,000) for the rehabilitation of the Wellington Health Center. 4 Nov 2014
The Brewer Group The Brewer Group offered assistance to World Health Organization, with advanced monitoring or locating system for first responders coordination, alternative water procurement technologies, and pharmaceutical opportunities for preparedness units and continuing care facilities. 4 Nov 2014
African Mining Services African Mining Services donated resources and conducted education programs for employees and their families to improve washing facilities, test temperatures daily, and others. 5 Nov 2014
Abinitio Consulting, S.L. 6 Nov 2014
Electronic House UAB 6 Nov 2014
Advanced Facilities Management 6 Nov 2014
Sprint Final 6 Nov 2014
Polaris Seismic International Ltd. 6 Nov 2014
Oando PLC Oando implemented an emergency response plan, which included an awareness and education campaign, as well as training and screening of employees and visitors in their facilities in West Africa. Weekly updates were provided to staff on the status of Ebola in affected countries. Video-conferencing facilities was employed at all office locations, while business travel within the country was limited and travel to affected countries was prohibited. In addition, the Oando Foundation launched the Ebola Education Support Fund for Nigerian children who have lost one or both parents to Ebola and who require financial support to continue their education. The company donated protective suits worth €36,000 (approx. US$45,000) for health workers in Lagos and Rivers State. The company also donated fuel to the Ebola Center Containment Unit in Lagos State. 6 Nov 2014
Bleu Network Inc. Bleu Network contributed funds to the Eradicate Ebola campaign. 6 Nov 2014
Bentaw Ancillary Limited Bentaw Ancillary promoted eradication of Ebola through their social media network. 7 Nov 2014
Tristar Transport LLC 9 Nov 2014
GLOBAL STAR LOGISTICS (CHINA) CO., LTD. Global Star Logistics contributed wheel chairs, clothes, shoes, and other materials to West Africa. 11 Nov 2014
Novartis AG Novartis established a Group-wide Ebola Task Force to bring together expertise and resources from across the company and to coordinate our scientific response to the Ebola outbreak. The company is mainly focused on working with the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) in the United States to screen candidates from libraries of drug compounds for potential to inhibit replication of the Ebola virus. Novartis is also working with scientists at the US Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID) to assess a new technology for its potential to provide a vaccine candidate or treatment of Ebola. This work is still in early stages of preclinical research and, even if it is successful, it will likely take several years for any treatments to be ready for large scale clinical trials. In addition to collaborating with US government agencies, the Novartis Ebola Task Force attended a World Health Organization consultation on potential Ebola therapies and vaccines, and they continue to follow guidance from the organization to help guide response efforts. In terms of humanitarian support, Novartis has committed 1 Million Swiss francs (approx. US$1.04M) to the Red Cross and will match amounts raised by a global donation program among employees, who so far have contributed more than 150,000 Swiss francs (approx. US$156,000). Novartis remains committed to maintaining the supply of medicines to patients in Ebola-affected regions in Africa and elsewhere. They have robust business continuity plans in place globally to help limit disruptions to normal business operations while still ensuring the health and safety of associates. They closely track guidance from international and local health authorities and adjust working and travel conditions wherever necessary. Novartis implemented a number of protective measures in West Africa, including travel restrictions and the supply of protective materials in response to the Ebola outbreak. 11 Nov 2014
ZANNI + PARTNER Ltd. Zanni + Partner developed special transportable and large-capacity incinerators (DCU) for containment of the disease. Development was already presented to UNOPS. Production has commenced and units will be available shortly. 11 Nov 2014
Planson International Corporation 12 Nov 2014
Kinross Gold Corporation Kinross Gold identified key trigger points and implemented the response plan to ensure business continuation, in the event Ebola spreads to any country or site of operation. The company made preparations in Mauritania and Ghana sites, which included equipping isolation areas and training on-site health care practitioners. The company provided educational materials to surrounding communities and procured additional protective equipment. The company committed US$50,000 to the United Nations Foundation Ebola Response Fund. 12 Nov 2014
A Investments and Services 13 Nov 2014
Dints 13 Nov 2014
Tolaram Group Tolaram Group communicated with all staff regarding facts on Ebola virus. Executive Management conducted a townhall address to all employees to create awareness about Ebola and educate them on response. Posters, banners, and hand sanitizing dispensers were installed at various key locations in all factories, offices, and residences. All business units were provided free hand wash, hypo bleach, and thermometers. 14 Nov 2014
Destiny Shipping Agencies Ltd Destiny Shipping donated 50M leones (approx. US$12,000) to the government of Sierra Leone for Ebola eradication efforts. 17 Nov 2014
Newcrest Mining Limited 21 Nov 2014
Menergy International Liberia Ltd. Menergy provided financial assistance to the ICA Camp Community Ebola Task Force for the purchase of faucet buckets, chlorine, soap, etc. In addition, the company established the MeneCare International Liberia, a not-for-profit organization, to help strengthen the health care delivery system in Liberia. 27 Nov 2014
Gold Fields Ghana Gold Fields continues to provide intensive education and outreach for employees, contractors, and communities. The company has set up isolation centers and provided an ambulance in the area of its Tarkwa mine. In addition, the company has led the formation of a district task force, comprised of the district health directorate, public and private medical facilities, as well as other mining companies within the district. The task force aims to raise US$500,000 for procurement, training, treatment, and infrastructure. 1 Dec 2014
Standard Chartered Standard Chartered is supporting staff, clients, and the local community, in response to the Ebola crisis. For their staff, the company is providing information on health and hygiene, equipment, employee benefits and medical coverage, and other support. For their clients, the company has opened accounts for international aid organizations. In addition, they are processing payments to health workers, extending lines of credit, and ensuring that financial systems are in place to continue and expand their operations. Standard Chartered is working with other companies in Sierra Leone to optimize Ebola support. The company is also supporting multi-stakeholder efforts to ensure African Union healthcare workers have access to treatment centres. Funds raised from a global staff campaign has been matched by the Bank. Donations were contributed to a government fund for the national fight against Ebola in Sierra Leone, Save the Children, Médecins Sans Frontières, and the London School of Hygiene Tropical Medicine. 2 Dec 2014
ContourGlobal Africa As a developer and operator of electric power and district heating businesses in Togo, Senegal, Nigeria, and Rwanda, ContourGlobal has formed a task force, in response to the Ebola crisis. The task force has provided health alert and information, safety and protection measures, and response procedures, to all employees, contractors, and visitors. Furthermore, the task force has implemented appropriate prevention measures and sensitization training in affected sites and offices, such as temperature monitor using hand held infra-red thermometers, hand sanitizer dispensers, posters, and training. The company has also prepared travelers on related risks. As a next step, ContourGlobal plans to continue supporting the local communities and countries where we operate in the fight against the Ebola outbreak, liaising with NGOs and local governmental bodies to partner in the fight against Ebola, and identifying ways to support the reconstruction of affected countries. 5 Dec 2014
The Coca-Cola Company As a company that employs hundreds of associates in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea, and produces locally in all three countries, The Coca-Cola Company and its bottling partners are committed to helping address the Ebola crisis, both now and over the long term. In total, the Coca-Cola system – including The Coca-Cola Company and its Foundations, and our local Coca-Cola bottling partners – have contributed more than US$1.25 million to the Ebola response and relief efforts in West Africa. 5 Dec 2014
NRS International

NRS International is a family-run humanitarian business offering innovative products that bring alleviation to those who need it the most. As an industry leader in developing and manufacturing core relief items, we are well versed in the struggles facing the most vulnerable populations throughout the world, especially those suffering from and helping to fight the Ebola epidemic.

We are committed to manufacture and supply tents and tarpaulins for medical purposes with materials that are easy to clean, transport and set up, and spacious enough to help the sick. Additionally, we supply Long-Lasting Insecticidal Nets (LLINs) to continue to combat malaria in West Africa, where previous gains on the malaria endemic may be reversed. We remain committed to helping both the medical professionals and patients seeking their assistance through our innovative products and we are available 24/7 to take their suggestions on how we can further assist. We stand strong with our West African counterparts and to the entire medical community answering the calls to those who need help the most.

10 Dec 2014
KPMG International KPMG is supporting its people and clients throughout the Ebola crisis. In addition, KPMG launched a KPMG Global Ebola Appeal which was seed funded with a US$100,000 donation from KPMG International. Fifteen KPMG member firms have so far also made donations (including some matched staff giving) and the appeal is ongoing. The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies has been selected as the main delivery partner of choice. KPMG has also provided pro bono technical assistance to support the Ebola response. 22 Dec 2014
SBTS Group

SBTS Group was the first company to develop a call center and case tracking solution for Ebola in Sierra Leone which the company developed using C# and Microsoft SQL 2012 as the DB. This solution significantly reduced the time it took to dispatch inbound calls and created an organized and systematic fashion of case tracking from call inception till the conclusion of the call distribution. The data gathered and being gathered is a huge resource for various teams responding to EBOLA and critical information piece as the first touch point for callers to emergency response lines.

Over 40 of our Sierra Leone staff were engaged in providing support.

We donated all services for free to the tune of about $200,000. We have been operating in Sierra Leone since 2004 and do not plan to abandon Sierra Leone in the post recovery. We are actively engaged in finding technology based interventions to help the Ebola response teams until we kick Ebola out.

Our sister company also created the training program for all operators and trained 199 staff on call center response, anger management, customer service, emergency call dispatch etc., This has professionalized the service of call center operators in being able to triage calls and route to the respective departments.

We continue to search the tech landscape for innovative solutions that can make a difference to the different units supporting the AID effort.

22 Dec 2014
PricewaterhouseCoopers International

The PwC network of member firms is proud to be an active member of the Ebola Private Sector Mobilization Group, a coalition of over 50 companies with major interests in Western Africa and we are happy to reaffirm our commitment to play an important role in the response to Ebola by also signing this UN pledge.

Our first priority is to protect the health and safety of our people so whilst we are continuing to operate in the Ebola-affected territories, we have implemented certain restrictions. In addition, our people have been provided with personal protection equipment, basic first aid and extensive communications to reduce their risk of infection.

Our second priority is to make a significant and lasting difference to the relief and recovery efforts so we are pleased to confirm a contribution of US$500,000 of pro bono services as we know that it is through the donation of our peoples’ skills and experience that we can maximise our impact. The specific services will be determined as and when needs are identified that we can support. We will also continue to participate in collective efforts in support of regional economic and sustainable development as and when appropriate opportunities are identified.

22 Dec 2014
Symantec Corporation

Summary of actions

  1. We will train and tell our own staff about Ebola, asking them to pass that knowledge to their families, neighbours and communities to prevent infection and fight stigma. A training on the Ebola disease and prevention will be organised for our staff in South Africa and for individuals traveling to West Africa by the end of February 2015.
  2. The Symantec corporate safety and security team will prepare procedures and assets to respond to an outbreak within our own company. We will ask the same of our suppliers.
  3. The Symantec CR team will be making a corporate donation of $10,000 USD to United Nations Mission for Ebola Emergency Response

Additionally, we have provided guidance to all our employees wishing to donate, by updating our internal disaster response page with suggested organizations. The UN organization is currently being added to this list.

The travel team has provided employees with guidance on travel to the region.

The corporate safety and security team have provided their guidance i.e. shared useful information communicated by the International SOS on Ebola disease and prevention measures as well as sharing a video with prevention information on how to reduce risk. Furthermore we are closely monitoring reports from the WHO about measures to contain the outbreak of EVD in West Africa.

13 Jan 2015
Louis Berger Louis Berger has a long term commitment to sustainable economic development in Western Africa and is proud to support the International Red Cross and Red Crescent’s work in affected countries by matching employee donations worldwide through January 2015. In addition, for our 90+ workers based in Guinea, Mali and Senegal, Louis Berger has completed one-on-one and group trainings on steps to promote the prevention and stop the spread of Ebola. 13 Jan 2015

On Jan 17, 2014 Russia's RUSAL, a leading global aluminium producer, officially opened Ebola center in Guinea. RUSAL is the only public company globally to initiate a major construction project to help fight the spread of Ebola. The Company’s investment in the construction of the Centre amounts to over USD10 million.

“The Centre for epidemic and microbiological research and treatment” is located at the former Soviet-Guinean Institute Pasteur in Kindia and is among the most modern centers to combat viral diseases in West Africa. Its primary focus will be to conduct research on infectious and highly dangerous diseases and their detection, treatment and prevention.

The center was built and equipped by RUSAL with active assistance from the Russian embassy in Conakry. Investment amounted to over $10 million. The Centre’s premises include an infection hospital, a provisional hospital, a mobile laboratory and a blood and plasma transfusion department with a laboratory. The Centre will initially serve as a hospital for the treatment of those infected with the Ebola virus.

As one of the largest investors in the Republic of Guinea, RUSAL is actively supporting the Government in its fight against Ebola. In April 2014, RUSAL donated medicines, sanitary and hygiene items to the Guinean Ministry of Health. In October 2014, RUSAL donated special thermometers which remotely measure temperature to the management of the autonomous sea port of Conakry, where sanitary posts are deployed.

In addition, RUSAL supports all Russian Government initiatives, aimed at helping Guinea to combat Ebola. Since August 2014, RUSAL has provided logistical support to a special anti-epidemic team of the Russian Federal Service for Surveillance on Consumer Rights Protection and Human Wellbeing (“Rospotrebnadzor”) and a mobile anti-epidemic research laboratory in Guinea.

In November 2014, RUSAL was actively involved in deploying a mobile 200-bed hospital for the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, which was donated to the Republic of Guinea in accordance with a decision by the President of Russia. RUSAL organised the unloading of three Russian aircrafts, which delivered equipment for the mobile hospital to Guinea, as well as ensuring the safe transportation of the cargo under escort to its place of storage. RUSAL prepared the site for the hospital, provided accommodation for Russian military medics and provided them with the required resources.

RUSAL has been present in Guinea since 2002. The Company owns Compagnie des Bauxites de Kindia and Friguia Bauxite and Alumina Complex. In June 2014, RUSAL announced the start of works to develop Dian-Dian, the world’s largest bauxite deposit with reserves of 564 million tonnes.

23 Jan 2015

The MOBILITAS Group stays operational with its branches in the Ebola-affected countries Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone throughout the crisis.

Our branch in Guinea implemented an awareness program for their employees: leaflets provide information and recommendations, an agreement on avoidance of certain risky practices, such as eating bush meat or attending open casket funerals, has to be signed by every staff member. Precautionary measures include daily temperature checks for staff and visitors as well as chlorine solution added to the water filter system. Furthermore, a WHO bulletin is sent to the key agents of the company weekly to keep them up-to-date on recent developments.

Our branch in Liberia has united with eight other French companies operating in Liberia, proactively supporting the Red Cross. ‘Le club d’Affaires’ (‘The Business Club’) collectively donated USD 80,000 in support of the Liberian Red Cross’ local actions as well as a car to support their official ‘Ebola is real’ campaign.

5 Feb 2015