Business Action Pledge on Ebola Elimination


This pledge reflects actions and commitments of the Ebola Private Sector Mobilization Group (EPSMG), a coalition of over 50 companies with major interests in Western Africa. The UN Global Compact, in collaboration with EPSMG, other business associations, and UN partners, is circulating the pledge with the goal of reaching every company with a footprint in Western Africa and increasing business contributions to Ebola response.

Recognizing that Ebola is a global challenge requiring global solutions, we call on governments and intergovernmental organizations to continue raising international awareness and mobilizing resources in a coordinated global effort to combat the outbreak.

Recognizing that the private sector also has an important role to play in Ebola response, we call on all businesses with operations or interests in Ebola-affected and neighbouring countries to sign this pledge and demonstrate leadership.

The Action Pledge
  • Our company is committed to sustainable economic development in Western Africa.
  • We will continue to operate our business in Ebola-affected areas, pay our staff, and honour financial commitments for as long as we possibly can in the context of this emergency.
  • We will train and tell our own staff about Ebola, asking them to pass that knowledge to their families, neighbours and communities to prevent infection and fight stigma.
  • We will prepare procedures and assets to respond to an outbreak within our own company. We will ask the same of our suppliers, and pay particular attention to the preparedness of SMEs in our supply chain.
  • We will identify assets, resources and financial support we can provide to help the UN, governments and NGOs leading on Ebola response. We will make these offers and contributions known through the appropriate coordinating actors: EPSMG, UNMEER, and the UN Global Compact (via
  • We will contribute to post-outbreak recovery efforts, and will collaborate to help rebuild stronger healthcare systems in affected countries.
  • We will participate in collective efforts with civil society, intergovernmental organizations, affected communities and other businesses with a view to forge long term partnerships in support of regional economic and sustainable development.
  • We will share our learning with other companies and support collective private sector efforts to combat Ebola and prevent its spread.
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