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How do companies sell goods & services to the UN?


This website does not facilitate transactions in which companies sell their goods and services to the UN. A separate website, the UN Global Marketplace, is the portal for businesses that would like the UN to become a client.

Alternatively you can visit Development Business, the UN’s global portal for business opportunities from multilateral banks, UN agencies as well as national governments.

The website address for the United Nations Global Marketplace is www.ungm.org.

How does the United Nations Global Marketplace facilitate procurement?

Companies using it may:

  • REGISTER their details with the UN. If approved, your company will be entered into the database used by UN buyers when searching for suppliers.
  • ACCESS BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES view procurement notices and information on contracts awarded.
  • RECEIVE EMAIL ALERTS regarding UN business opportunities that match your company’s goods or services. These are available on a subscription basis and would be delivered directly to your inbox.

UN organisations using it may:

  • FIND NEW SUPPLIERS by searching the database.
  • ADVERTISE PROCUREMENT NEEDS by making them available online where your company may view and respond to them.

There are 21 UN Agencies using the UNGM as their supplier roster. These agencies account for 95% of the total UN procurement expenditure.

The UNGM website also contains links to a variety of information resources that can help guide potential UN suppliers.

How does Development Business facilitate procurement?

Companies using it may:

  • Bid to receive international contracts financed by content providers such as the United Nations, the World Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank and other multilateral banks, the Millennium Challenge Corporation and national governments
  • Access updated listings of projects in the pipeline as well as recently awarded contracts
  • Receive daily updates on procurement news and events as well as customized email alerts.
  • Place an Advertisement in the International Business Guide.

UN Organizations using it may:

  • Submit procurement announcements and contract awards
  • Advertise relevant training and events
  • Access listings of companies and consultant through the Business Directory