DPI (Department of Public Information)

DPI profile

  • Overview

    The mission of the Department of Public Information (DPI), established by General Assembly resolution 13 (I) of 13 February 1946, is to help fulfill the substantive purposes of the United Nations by strategically communicating the activities and concerns of the Organization to achieve the greatest public impact.

    The overall work of the Department is guided by four strategic choices: achieving greater effectiveness in its communications work through targeted delivery; making enhanced use of the new information and communications technologies in all areas of its work; expanding the grass-roots support base through partnerships with civil society organizations; and assessing departmental activities through an annual performance impact review.

    DPI comprises three divisions: The Strategic Communications Division, the News and Media Division the Outreach Division.

    The Department of Public Information establishes creative partnerships with the media, non-profit organizations and the entertainment industry. DPI further partners with academia and the publishing industry to encourage support for the ideals and activities of the United Nations.

    Preferred partnership types

    Advocacy of global issues; Project funding