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Promoting Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) to Strengthen the Protection of Vulnerable “soft” Targets from Terrorist Attacks

  • Overview

    The programme Public-Private Partnerships to Protect “Soft” Targets was created as an initiative of the United Nations Counter-Terrorism Implementation Task Force and aims to promote Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) to protect vulnerable targets from terrorist attacks and other major security threats. Priority is given to so-called “soft” targets, such as tourism or recreational facilities, parks and markets, shopping centres, train and bus stations, historical sites, cultural, religious and educational centres, multi-national company premises and financial centres.

    This initiative intends to establish regional cooperation mechanisms to assist Member States’ public and private stakeholders in the development of joint security policies and help them become more effective in terms of counter terrorism and security governance capacity. In this regard, UNICRI can offer its assistance in the creation of PPPs, which shall enhance collaboration between both sectors and enable the implementation of joint public and private preventive security strategies and measures. In addition, UNICRI can offer its support in accessing international best practices and tested PPP models which could be considered in the national/local context.

    If your company is interested in exploring this partnership opportunity, please ‘Respond to this need’ using this website or contact: Ms. Ines Ferro-Ribeiro, UNICRI (ferro@unicri.it; +351 939982684).