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Ebola Response: Aviation management & support capacity

  • Overview

    Based on the likely increase in both the scale and the distribution of aviation
    assets throughout the affected countries, provision of additional air traffic
    control and radar capacities will be important to ensure safe operations. Such
    capacities would need to be compatible with existing air traffic management
    assets and processes in the affected countries, and flexible to respond to
    evolving geographic areas of need. In addition, there is also a requirement for
    additional Material Handling Equipment (MHE) at both Accra and at airports in
    the affected states. This will include items such as twelve forklifts (multiple
    sizes), hoists and other container and cargo lifting and movement equipment
    for the rapid loading and unloading of arriving cargo.

    Further Information

    Preferred partnership types

    Provision of goods; Provision of services / personnel


    West Africa: Ebola Outbreak


    Immediate assistance is needed.