Global Compact (United Nations Global Compact)

Ebola Response Medical Support: Medical evacuations - MEDEVAC

  • Overview

    Provision of dedicated emergency medical evacuation capability for
    movement of international aid workers (UN + INGO) potentially exposed to
    Ebola from affected states to locations for appropriate medical care both in
    affected country and beyond. Such a capability must be able and willing to
    enter the affected areas and safely and securely transport potentially exposed
    personnel with effective isolation protocols and equipment. This may be
    augmented by resources such as a Hospital Ship deployed in proximity to the
    theatre, with appropriate movement and isolation facilities. This would link
    with augmented helicopter capacities. Commitments from Member States to
    provide receiving hospitals for ongoing out of country treatment are also

    Further Information

    Preferred partnership types

    Provision of goods; Provision of services / personnel


    West Africa: Ebola Outbreak


    Immediate assistance is needed.