Global Compact (United Nations Global Compact)

Ebola Response Medical Support: Funding Support for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Overview

    Ongoing provision of high quality PPE for use by those medical and other
    staff working in proximity to Ebola patients and areas of potential exposure is
    a key requirement for effectively addressing the crisis. It is considered that
    procurement of such items to the required specifications is best conducted in
    a managed, coordinated and centralised manner. This will ensure best sight
    and usage of existing global manufacturing resources and avoidance of
    duplicate purchasing or exhausting of supplies. Funds to support such
    procurement which will take place through the UN system are required as a
    priority to enable a streamlined and effective process.

    Further Information

    Preferred partnership types

    Project funding; Provision of goods


    West Africa: Ebola Outbreak


    Immediate assistance needed.