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Logistics And Emergency Telecommunications Needs in Haiti

  • Overview

    Hurricane Matthew that hit the Caribbean in October 2016 has resulted in the largest humanitarian crisis in Haiti since the 2010 earthquake. This is at a time when the country already faces an increase in the number of cholera cases, and severe food insecurity and malnutrition. UN needs help from the private sector to provide humanitarian relief and recovery in Haiti.

    The main road connecting the southern part of Haiti to the rest of the country has been compromised; it would be the principal route to deliver assistance. Transport by air and by boat are an immediate necessity, both to assess needs, evaluate damages to position human resources, and to transport urgently needed WASH, shelter and food supplies. Phone lines and internet communication have not been re-established for the moment, with national authorities relying on a small number of satellite phones. Equipment and supplies have starting arriving in country, necessitating coordination among the humanitarian actors and a rapid scale-up of warehousing, transportation ,and asset tracking capacities both in Port-au-Prince and in the affected departments.

    $6.6 million is required to reach 750,000 people. Priority Actions include:
    1. Support the delivery of humanitarian aid to affected populations by augmenting the logistics capacity.
    2. Make available reliable and independent data and voice communications services which are recognized as a priority for a successful humanitarian response.
    3. Enhance coordination, predictability, timeliness and efficiency of the emergency logistics response through the Logistics Working Group

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    Oct 2016 - Haiti: Hurricane Matthew


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