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Education And School Infrastructure Needs in Haiti

  • Overview

    Hurricane Matthew that hit the Caribbean in October 2016 has resulted in the largest humanitarian crisis in Haiti since the 2010 earthquake. This is at a time when the country already faces an increase in the number of cholera cases, and severe food insecurity and malnutrition. UN needs help from the private sector to provide humanitarian relief and recovery in Haiti.

    Heavy damages to school infrastructure in the Southern Departments (Grand’Anse, Nippes and South) and North West have been reported. According to the Ministry of Education (MoE) preliminary figures, more than 300 schools are severely affected. In the Grand’Anse department, the Ministry stated that nearly 70 per cent of the schools are currently damaged and it will be difficult to resume education on or soon after the 10th of October as per MoE requirements without a rapid response, thus leaving more than 100,000 children without education. Moreover, many children have lost all their belongings, including books, uniforms, and school supplies. Some schools are also being used as shelters and this situation could be prolonged as many poor families have lost their homes as well as their livelihoods.

    $4.3 million is required to reach 106,250 children. Priority Actions include:
    1. Rehabilitate schools to ensure reopening as soon as possible in view of the start of the Haitian school year on 10 October.
    2. Provide affected boys and girls as well as teachers with adequate school and didactical materials.
    3. Ensure psychosocial support and promote the normalization of children’s routines involving child-friendly approaches to learning during emergencies.
    4. Implement school feeding programs in the affected schools. School feeding will act as a booster for school attendance while ensuring adequate nutrients for affected children.

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    4. Quality education; 10. Reduced inequalities; 11. Sustainable cities and communities; 16. Peace, justice and strong institutions

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    Oct 2016 - Haiti: Hurricane Matthew