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UN Partnership on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities: A Joint Initiative on Disability Rights

  • Overview

    The United Nations Partnership on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNPRPD) has proven to be a very successful mechanism to advance the rights of persons with disabilities. From its launch in 2011 the UNPRPD has received over $17 million from governments and implemented more than 20 initiatives at national, regional and global level. With a recently approved Strategic Operational Framework, the Partners are willing to bring the PRPD at a new level of ambition. This will certainly imply raising its visibility and develop a resource mobilization strategy targeting non traditional donors such as the Private Sector.

    Within its efforts to increase its visibility and resources, the UNPRPD is seeking for a company that would be willing to carry out a marketing study on the Partnership. Possibly the study should provide guidance (including feasibility) on increasing visibility strategies and possible opportunities of collaboration with the private sector.

    The marketing study has two purposes:
    1. Identify which are the main steps to increase the Partnership’s visibility
    2. Map potential donors (in particular private sector and philanthropic organizations) and suggest a marketing strategies to approach them.

    Photo: UNICEF TOGO/Essi Soulé Durchbach

    Further Information

    Preferred partnership types

    Provision of services / personnel

    Sustainable Development Goals

    17. Partnerships for the goals

    Issue areas

    Persons with Disabilities

    Type(s) of services / business sectors

    Media; Telecommunications


    Initially the collaboration would only be for the duration of the study.

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