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UNODC (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime): “The Fight against Corruption” e-learning tool

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    The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) and the UN Global Compact are working with businesses to encourage the development of anti-corruption policies that strengthen transparency and accountability. As part of these efforts, the two organizations developed jointly an e-learning tool, called “The fight against corruption”, that aims to enhance understanding of the Global Compact’s 10th Principle against corruption and the United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC) as the underlying legal instrument of that Principle. The tool includes six interactive learning modules, each of which deals with a specific theme and presents a series of choices which need to be made. The modules are based on real-life scenarios designed to provide guidance on how to deal with potential risks of corruption that people may face in their daily work.
    UNODC and the Global Compact continue to cooperate on this interactive e-learning tool for the private sector. Since its launch in February 2012, the tool has had almost 268,000 online users. In March 2013, a certificate programme was added to the e-learning tool, and since that time over 66,000 persons have registered to receive their certificate of completion online. The tool has been translated with in-house resources and the support of the private sector, and is now available in 25 languages.
    It is in this context that UNODC is seeking the support of companies to enhance and further develop the e-learning tool modules. If your company is interested to produce additional modules or provide revisions to bring the e-learning tool up to date with most recent developments, we will work with you to develop new scripts in line with the Convention against Corruption. We would ask your company to produce the new modules, and upon receipt and review of those modules, we will translate them into the official UN languages and make them available online. UNODC is also seeking the continued support of companies to provide translations of the e-learning tool modules into further languages. Upon receipt and review of your translation, we will integrate the translation into the modules and make the new language version available online.

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