Business Action Pledge in Response to the Refugee Crisis

The following companies and organizations have signed the BUSINESS ACTION PLEDGE IN RESPONSE TO THE REFUGEE CRISIS

Company / Organization Pledge


NaTakallam (“we speak” in Arabic) pairs language learners with displaced individuals for language practice over Skype. At present, NaTakallam offers a valuable income source and enriching job opportunity to displaced Syrians mostly in Lebanon, but also in Armenia, Turkey, Egypt, France, Brazil and Germany, who benefit from NaTakallam staff training and gain marketable skills. On the other end, the platform offers learners affordable, flexible, tailored language practice with native speakers. Along the way, students and their conversation partners engage in a powerful intercultural exchange, frequently developing transatlantic friendships between worlds that are often polarized in the media and political spheres, thus contributing to educational peacebuilding and cross cultural understanding. To date, some 35 Syrian conversation partners and over 750 Arabic learners around the world have engaged in NaTakallam sessions.

Avvocato Michela Cocchi - Studio Legale

In partnership with Lady Lawyer Foundation,
in support of the core responsibilities of the World Humanitarian Summit and in response to the call to action set out in the UN Secretary-General’s Agenda for Humanity,
Avvocato Michela Cocchi – Studio Legale commits
- to host a meeting on the topic of accountability for violations with a view to improving dissemination and implementation of international humanitarian and human rights law in 2018;
- to developing and implementing strategies for the engagement of men and boys as part of the solution to prevent and respond to gender-based violence in crisis settings by 2018;
- to host a meeting on the topic of accountability for violations with a view to improving dissemination and implementation of humanitarian policies, frameworks and legally binding documents related to gender equality, women’s empowerment, and women’s rights in 2018.

NRS International

About Us
NRS International designs, develops and manufactures products for the humanitarian aid, public health and development sectors. Over the past 40 years, we have focused on serving the public and alleviating the suffering of vulnerable populations through quality-driven and cost-effective production. Headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE), our geographical location enables us to deliver core relief products efficiently and under short timeframes.

Commitment in Action:
We supply relief supplies to international agencies, bilateral donors, governmental and non-governmental organizations. Our product range includes; temporary family shelters, tarpaulins, water containers, solar solutions, mosquito nets and other items vital for survival, preceding a humanitarian crisis. Additionally, our charitable arm, the Bilqees Sarwar Foundation, based in Pakistan, provides financial and resource donations to public health, education and humanitarian projects around the world.

NRS International’s ethos embraces the Business Action Pledge in Response to the Refugee Crisis. We consistently explore ways to tackle complex humanitarian challenge, in order to meet the needs of those in vulnerable situations.

Ongoing 2014-2016 Projects and Deliverables:
• Initiate the first 2-day first advocacy event in Dubai to raise awareness of the refugee crisis in coordination with the UN Global Compact UAE Network.
• Supporting Alseeraj for Development and Healthcare to operate mobile medical clinic in refugee camps ,helping over 7,800 beneficiaries
• Donated temporary shelter and core relief items for community of Internally Displaced People (IDP) in northern Syria.
• Created a Back To School social media campaign to provide school kits for IDPs in Syria
• Developed a new product to combat leishmaniosis in Syria with Mentor Initiative
• Joined Global Business Coalition for Education to support education in emergencies and donated tents and child-friendly spaces to Lebanon.
• Sponsored the UN Foundation’s side events on providing Solar Solutions to refugees and IDPs
• Invested in study that examines the level of humanitarianism among UAE residents, to make World Refugee Day
• Attended the World Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul
• Spear-headed the supply of 4,500 fully fire retardant tents to refugee camps in Syria
• NRS Relief tarpaulins have been installed in internally displaced person (IDP) camps on the outskirts of Kabul in Afghanistan

Commitments to be met by the end 2016:
• Outline and implement our World Humanitarian Summit commitments
• Host the second Annual Human Rights Day advocacy event to raise awareness in Dubai
• Register and open the Bilqees Sarwar Foundation office in Dubai, to respond better to the needs of vulnerable communities in the Middle East

O&H Concepts BV (Originals & Harbantomo)

O&H Concepts BV has developed a globally unique product that can be used at refugee camps: the Mobile Solar Powered Hospital Park (MSPHP). This form of mobile shelter is an efficient solution when the need to act quickly is paramount – they are ready for use within 10 minutes and can be linked together to form a fully self-sufficient mobile accommodation unit within 3.5 hours, providing immediate shelter up to 320 victims or people. MSPHP can also be deployed for different purposes like a Register and Crisis command center, a First Aid unit or a Communications unit during a crisis.

Our Self Supporting Inflatable (SSI) shelters meet the highest quality standards. Safety, reliability and quality are of paramount importance to us as a company. For example, our product’s fabric carries internationally recognized certificates, including being fire retardant. Because time plays a crucial role during a crisis, it is possible for our SSI Shelters to be air-dropped.

Each shelter also has a mobile off-grid solar-power system. The mobile converter adds the important feature, mobility, to the backup system, as it can be taken anywhere where power is needed. The 1500W out-put is able to drive freezer, lighting, laptops, smartphones, i-Pads and medical equipment. Due to this converter we offer an off grid energy system which gives users the possibility to use green energy without any external energy sources like a generator.

The vision of our globally unique product MSPHP is: Time is lifesaving. Invest in time and save lives!

Tesco PLC

Tesco has a long history of partnership with the British Red Cross, including corporate donations, in-store emergency bucket collections and colleague fundraising. We believe every little help can make a big difference in supporting communities to recover from crisis.

Over the last ten years Tesco has donated more than £10.6 million to the British Red Cross. Some of this money raised has helped with the European Refugee crisis and provided sleeping bags, winter jackets and other essential items to refugees in places such as Greece, France and the UK. In particular, Tesco enabled approximately 1,300 bags of vital aid to be distributed in Grande-Synthe camp in France.

In December 2014 we became a founding member of the innovative British Red Cross Disaster Relief Alliance. By joining this group of organisations and individuals we are investing in the future of humanitarian action by looking beyond the traditional model of responding only after a disaster has struck. The Disaster Relief Alliance funds preparedness and recovery work, as well as response activities.

We will continue support the Red Cross and invest in the Disaster Relief Alliance to assist communities when humanitarian challenges occur, including the on-going refugee crisis.

TÜV Rheinland

TÜV Rheinland conducts several initiatives to support those that seek shelter from violent conflict and persecution. Taking on its role as active corporate citizen, TÜV Rheinland wants to provide and enhance qualifications that serve as a solid fundament for a prospective work life and thus ensure a successful integration into the job market:

• Offering apprenticeship training positions will prepare refugees for their future work life. In close collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Cologne, TÜV Rheinland has recruited refugees for an introductory qualification program at its headquarters in Cologne within the IT department and with materials testing. After six months of successful qualification, TÜV Rheinland will offer the trainees to start a full apprenticeship. Besides rolling out this model in its other locations, TÜV Rheinland also offers internships for refugees. All in all, up to ten apprenticeship positions should be filled by 2016.
• TÜV Rheinland encourages refugees to communicate and to be a lively part of society by offering language courses. By the end of 2015, the TÜV Academy had started language courses especially designed for women with children in Cologne. Throughout these courses, participants are taught language skills to deal with everyday situations. About 800 refugees have profited from such courses already.
• In addition, TÜV Rheinland’s staff is strongly committed to voluntary activities at its sites in Cologne, Berlin and Nuremberg. Both, the airport Cologne/Bonn and the train station Berlin-Schönefeld have been hot spots for refugees arriving in Germany. In each case, ten TÜV Rheinland employees assisted in welcoming, registering and caring incoming refugees. In Nuremberg, a total of 30 colleagues joined forces with the German Red Cross and sorted donations in kind for refugees. TÜV Rheinland supports its employees throughout these activities with special company leaves.


As the refugee crisis unfolds, the imminent necessity to integrate these people into what is for them a foreign society is becoming a huge challenge. Bosch is contributing to this task through a variety of activities aimed at supporting the integration of refugees.

- Creation of 200 additional internships
- Appeal to associates for donations from the board of management and employee representatives with the pledge to double every euro until the end of January 2016
- Provision of 500,000 euros for integrative measures at Bosch locations
- Provision of land to municipalities in order to construct refugee housing

Moreover, many associates are volunteering their time to help refugees by, for example:

- Supporting charitable initiatives and organizations
- Offering language courses and help with translations as well as accompanying them on visits to the authorities
- Organizing Christmas activities with presents
- Collection and delivery of donations, i.e. clothing and daily necessities
- Organizing intercultural encounters

Arab Printing Press sal

We are printing books at cost for Syrian Refugees that are in Lebanon in order to help educate the young children.


- Assisting refugees with administrative formalities
- Organization of free time activities
- Public relations for various institutions
- Support of helpers in the refugee camp
- Collections of needed donations (clothing and toiletries)
- Organization of training for integration pilots
- Language Teaching
- Renovation of refugee dormitories
- RWE trainees support refugees with different projects (e.g. organization of a common project day with different leisure activities)
A project throughout the group: establishing of a Talent Workshop (project with the refugees and citizens)


Our sympathies and thoughts go to the victims of the humanitarian and refugee crisis that has unfolded across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Nestlé has joined global and local efforts to take action to diminish the suffering of people forced to flee conflict. Our markets in zone EMENA (Europe, Middle East, North Africa) launched on 8 September an initiative to offer support to the refugees, encouraging its employees to contribute to global relief efforts.

At the global level, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) and Nestlé set up a special link for company employees to donate towards relief efforts. All donations received were matched by the company. A total of CH 186, 384 was raised.

Moreover, Nestlé in Turkey, Middle East, Egypt, Greece, Hungary, Austria and Germany have made product donations and launched local initiatives. We have also pledged to work together with local stakeholders to advocate policies that facilitate integration and access to local labour markets. Moreover, we will leverage our existing employment programmes to provide labour opportunities for refugees wherever viable.

Evonik Industries AG

In September 2015 Evonik has donated 1 Million Euros for refugee aid projects. The donation should be spent preferential for projects which have a sustainable impact like offers for vocational training or employment and language skills.
The Executive Board of Evonik decided to donate five scholarships for chemistry at the Ruhr Universität Bochum. In addition Evonik and the Evonik foundation are providing participation for 15 refugees in the pre-apprenticeship program “Start in den Beruf”. The cooperation partner STEAG – a former subsidiary – is financing 10 more places in the program.
At the Wolfgang site in Hanau Evonik is engaged in occupational qualification measures for asylum seekers with the right to remain, supporting a variety of integration measures by establishing meeting places and is financing urgently needed equipment items for the processing point for asylum seekers in Wolfgang.
At many of its sites Evonik is financing teaching and learning materials for language courses and the language courses itself.
Evonik employees are charitably engaged in many communities and neighborhoods: they are teaching German, assisting refugees contacting public authorities or they are helping to build up refugee camps. Others help to supply refugee camps with food and apparel.


The MAN Group is supporting several refugee aid projects. MAN and the Works Council are working hand in hand with various relief organizations in Germany — ranging from quick and practical emergency relief to long-term measures.

1. Partnership with SOS Children’s Villages

Over the last few months, SOS Children’s Villages and MAN have been supporting refugee children, families, and unaccompanied refugee minors. The Company is promoting the refugee aid project of the charitable association with almost €90,000, supporting institutions in Munich, Augsburg, Salzgitter, and at the Ammersee lake. An important principle is to create sustainable prospects for refugee children and to give them the chance to become part of society and educational programs. The MAN employees are helping, too, and donated the proceeds from a raffle — €13,000 in total. In Landsberg am Lech, three living units with unaccompanied minor refugees will benefit from this financial support. A teacher has been hired to teach the youths in a language course; in addition, they will have intensive lessons to reach their intended school-leaving qualification.

2. Educational lighthouse in Augsburg

With the educational lighthouse project at MAN Diesel & Turbo in Augsburg, two young men from Afghanistan and Egypt are participating in a supported entry-qualification program. They came to Germany as unaccompanied refugee minors; their integration phase began on September 14, 2015. The aim is to take them on as vocational trainees after one year. “I am impressed how motivated and dedicated both of them are. When they came, their specific aim was to become professional machinists. Both of them are ambitious and have learnt to speak German in an incredibly short time — language skills above all are absolutely essential when it comes to successful integration,” says Herbert Huttner, head of the training center at MAN Diesel & Turbo in Augsburg.

3. MAN appeals for donations at all German sites

The Executive Board and the Group Works Council invite the employees of all MAN sites in Germany to donate: “The large number of refugees has stretched the state and relief organizations to their limit. Please help to meet the people’s most urgent needs and offer them hope for the future as a member of our society,” Josef Schelchshorn, Chief Human Resources Officer and Arbeitsdirektor and Saki Stimoniaris, Chairman of the General Works Council, both call for in a joint statement. Together with a corporate donation, the collected employee donations will go to relief organizations at selected MAN sites.

4. Buses for employees of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees

The Federal Office for Migration and Refugees is deploying mobile teams to flexibly support the overstretched reception centers. The employees travel to places where particularly high numbers of asylum seekers arrive and are registered. MAN will support the Federal Office for Migration with three buses; the mobile teams can use them free of charge until October 10, 2015.

5. MAN helps with future prospects

On October 22, 2015, MAN organized a campaign day for unaccompanied refugee minors and invited them to the Munich plant on this event. The aim of the campaign day was to show the young people from a Caritas residential home the prospects Germany can offer and to whet their appetite for technical professions. 18 young men between the age of 14 and 17 from different countries of origin, e.g. Senegal, Syria, and Iraq, delved into the MAN world at the Truck Forum and got to know the products during a plant tour. Later on, they went to the vocational training center to have a look at the possible vocational training careers. In a first step, the jeans and trainers had to be replaced with working clothes. Then the vocational trainees at MAN Truck & Bus not only enthusiastically presented to the youths the various occupations and trades, such as mechatronics or machinists and the related tasks, but also proudly presented the MAN show trucks as well as the various machines they built themselves.

BG Group

BG Group is raising funds to help refugees in response to the unfolding humanitarian crisis in Europe, Syria and surrounding countries. The company launched a matched giving campaign in our European and North African businesses to support the Red Cross Red Crescent appeals for the Europe and Syria refugee crises. In Europe, the Red Cross national societies are providing humanitarian assistance along the routes most commonly used by those seeking refuge. In Syria, the Syrian Red Crescent is providing food, water, blankets soap and other essential help to people caught up in the conflict.

BG is matching individual donations to the Red Cross Red Crescent and monies raised by fundraising up to a total of £100,000. To launch the appeal the company made an initial donation of £10,000.


The Sanofi Espoir Foundation, the Sanofi Group and its employees mobilize to support the refugees:

• A call for donations was launched on September 23 to ask Sanofi employees in France support the French Red Cross in providing medical aid for refugees. Employee donations will be matched by the Group.

• In addition, the Group has decided to allocate an exceptional EUR 500,000 donation to support solidarity initiatives in favor of the refugees both in France and outside of France.

Several other solidarity actions in favor of the migrants have taken place outside of France over the last months. For instance, the Sanofi Espoir Foundation has been providing financial aid to its partners on the ground in Iraq, Yemen and at the gates of Europe for an amount of 110 000€. Besides this, a number of affiliates, such as Hungary, Greece, UAE, Lebanon and Jordan have donated 2 million of medicines boxes to NGOs providing aid to these populations.


Donation to benefit UNHCR, Médecins Sans Frontières: 500.000€
Donation campaing to promote donations by employees to benefit UNHCR, Médecins Sans Frontières. BBVA will match employees’ donations up to 250.000€
BBVA Suma, crowdfunding webpage to promote donations. Over 17.000€ raised to benefit UNHCR, Médecins Sans Frontières, UNICEF, ACH, Red Cross
A campaing to help refugees arriving to Spain will be organized in the following month with a prospective budget of 750.000€

Deutsche Telekom AG

Deutsche Telekom supports the efforts of aid organizations and public authorities in providing shelter and supplies for refugees. In order to provide aid as quickly and with as little red tape as possible, the company has set up an internal task force chaired by Chief Human Resources Officer, Christian P. Illek. The aid efforts will be focused in Germany on the following areas:

1.Helping provide refugee shelters with WiFi
2.Helping the authorities find suitable buildings
3.Assigning employees to help at the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF)
4.Supporting employees in their volunteer efforts for refugees
5.Setting up a refugee portal containing information for refugees
6.Providing intern positions for refugees

Focus is on activities to help refugees to stay in contact with their loved ones at home; cooperating with municipalities to offer shelter, leverage core business activities such as apprenticeships for refugees to help them build their existence. As a multinational company, support for refugees concerns subsidiaries in various countries along the transit routes. The support activities in each country are tailored to national needs and organizational structures. Several subsidiaries (e.g. in Austria, Hungar, Croatia) are working with non-governmental partners such as Caritas or Red Cross to offer WiFi, prepaid data cards or/and financial donations. As well, in many countries corporate volunteering activities are supported and national subsidiaries have opened up donation lines.

Bayer and Bayer Foundations

The company and Foundation commit to helping refugees in Germany through a broad range of measures. The company is running a course to prepare young refugees for their start in working life and is empowering employee volunteerism for refugee aid projects. The Foundation will invest around EUR 400,000 over the next five years to support educational opportunities for refugee children. The goal of “Science4Life” academy in Berlin, in partnership with the Berlin Senate, is to encourage science education among refugee children.
Project titles:
Science4Life Talent Academy for Refugee Children
Employee Volunteering for Refugee Aid Projects
Apprenticeship Training program for refugee youths
Product and cash donations for public health and medical Treatment for refugees


We are working with our partners and humanitarian organisations to support refugee families. A cash donation of £100,000 to our partner Save the Children will support refugee families arriving in Europe from countries including Syria and Afghanistan. This donation will help Save the Children’s programmes protecting children as they flee alone or with their families and those children who are trafficked or exploited.

In August, GSK made a cash donation of £50,000 to Save the Children, to reinforce the NGO’s support for refugee families arriving in Greece. Funds are enabling Save the Children to protect children in refugee camps, ensuring that they are physically safe, with adequate food, shelter and basic items.

GSK has also donated £75,000 to the British Red Cross and a further £75,000 to the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) to support their response.

Global Compact Network Brazil

The Global Compact Network in Brazil is leading a pilot project called “Empowering Refugees”, initiated by the Human Rights and Labor Working Group. They are working with the following partners: UNHCR Brazil, UN Women Brazil, Cáritas Arquidiocesana de São Paulo, Emdoc, Fox Time, Itaipu and Lojas Renner.

The project provides opportunities for women refugees and asylum-seekers from different countries. The main goal is to empower these women economically. Also, the project offers guidance to the women in order to prepare them for the labor market and to raise awareness among companies about the employment of refugees. Altogether, there are about 20 women in the project. They already participated in two workshops on financial and professional planning, practical tools to improve learning Portuguese, and had an orientation about their rights as refugees, women and workers in Brazil.

In addition, the refugees have received coaching sessions from the Human Resources consultancy Fox Time to help them improve their skills and competitiveness in the Brazilian labor market. Fox Time and PARR also connect the refugees to job opportunities with the aim to find a job replacements to the unemployed women. The partners are committed to continue guiding these women, either through coaching sessions offered by Fox Time, or through new workshops about skills needed for the Brazilian labor market. The goal is that all of them are employed and financially self-sufficient by the end of the project.


Novartis has contributed more than CHF 500,000 to the Swiss Red Cross and € 50,000 worth of medicines to the Austrian Red Cross. Our generics division, Sandoz, is urgently working to provide essential medicines to others in need. The Red Cross has been providing shelter, clean drinking water and food, as well as medical and supportive care to victims. We are in regular contact with them on what would be of most use.

Novartis Chairman Joerg Reinhardt also announced a global internal donation program for our associates. Novartis will match the total amount donated by October 31. The funds will be used to support refugees in the camps and along the transit routes across Europe. Along with the Greek Red Cross, the Swiss Red Cross will also support camps in Lesbos, where many refugees arrive first.

Novo Nordisk A/S

Novo Nordisk has made a donation of 1 million Danish kroner to the Danish Red Cross’ relief work in connection with the refugee crisis in Syria.

The Novo Nordisk Foundation has donated two million Danish kroner to the Danish Red Cross for their refugee work in Denmark.

cyber- Wear Heidelberg GmbH

We are already supporting our community to help them to make it a welcome arrival and a good and healthy stay when they arrive here in Germany.
We help provide food, clothes and treatments where necessary.

The next steps are fare more difficult due to the fact that Refugees are not allowed to work and in Germany but we support local schools and teachers that they can provide German glasses and workshops for cultural and ethic topics.

We really hope that this can make a small difference and that we will see a better world in the future with all the help from everybody that can help it´s still an ambitious goal but one step by another can bring you very very far.