UNODC & Global Compact Colombia's Multi-stakeholder Initiative Takes Collective Action Against Corruption

UNODC & Global Compact Colombia's Multi-stakeholder Initiative Takes Collective Action Against Corruption

  • Overview

    Project objectives

    UNODC and the business-led Global Compact Local Network in Colombia are bringing together companies, key government offices and large business federations to stamp out corruption.

    Programme Objectives include
    1) Reduce opportunities for corruption by enhancing public–private sector dialogue.
    2) Help strengthen government anti-corruption frameworks and legislations.

    The partnership is an example of how collective action can help address, resolve, and prevent corporate misconduct. The partnership receives funding from the Siemens Integrative Initiative (Siemens A.G),  that supports organizations and projects fighting corruption and fraud through Collective Action, education and training with over US$ 100 million.

    With input from a working group of 10 companies, 10 business associations and 5 public institutions, the partners are conducting wide outreach to increase private sector awareness of corruption and tools on transparency, good practice in procurement and integrity.

    Partnership Type: Advocacy Campaign, Local Implementation Partnership

    Business Driver: Addressing corruption through collective action can help business growth and protect against legal and reputational risks. Anti-corruption efforts can also reduce transaction costs, strengthen fair competition, increase long-term foreign and domestic investment, and accelerate development.

    Learning: Securing political buy-in and high-level government support at the outset of a collective action project can raise the profile of an initiative, generate greater business interest, and lay the groundwork for future success.

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    Sustainable Development Goals

    16. Peace, justice and strong institutions; 17. Partnerships for the goals

    Partnership types of interest

    Standards and guidelines development

    Regions / countries / territories

    Americas: Colombia

    Issue areas

    Anti-Corruption; Principle 10; Rule of Law


    Existing partners

    Global Compact Network Colombia, Bogota Chamber of Commerce, Colombian’s Banking Association, Business Alliance for Secure Commerce, American Chamber of Commerce • National Business Association of Colombia, Association of fiduciaries of Colombia, Chamber of Commerce Net, Colombian Association of Insurers, National Federation of Commerce Workers, Collective Action for Energy Sector, Various Colombian Government entities

    Preferred partner organisation(s)

    Business Association Global; Business Association Local; City; Company; NGO Global; NGO Local; Public Sector Organization; Small or Medium-sized Enterprise; UN Entity