WHOLEROLL - Climate Friendly Bathroom Tissue to Reduce Deforestation & Combat Climate Change

WHOLEROLL - Climate Friendly Bathroom Tissue to Reduce Deforestation & Combat Climate Change

  • Overview

    Vision / description

    Our vision is to transition 10% of the global population that is using virgin pulp tissue and encourage them to begin using our sustainable alternative WHOLEROLL.

    We will create a private label brand of 100% high quality post-consumer recycled fiber bathroom tissue where 0 trees are used to produce, and that will help reduce deforestation and combat climate change. We will educate and motivate the consumer about climate change and how they can participate in the solution process of trying to combat climate change by using sustainable household products. Our goal is to preserve forests, protect ecosystems and protect the livelihood of the next generation using WHOLEROLL all while maintaining the same quality of tissue the consumer is accustomed to in their bathroom tissue.

    Project objectives

    . Promote the benefits of using our product to the consumer and the global impact it will be have on our “Recycle10” mission which is to transition 10% of the global population from using virgin pulp to begin using WHOLEROLL.
    • To educate the consumer and bring greater awareness to the impact global warming has on the planet and future generations.
    • Develop global partnerships with NPO’s, NGO’s and public and private corporations in collaboration to further educate and promote the SDG’s(climate and environment) as well as our “A Box A Tree” reforestation initiative.


    There are many countries that are battling deforestation problems. Many of these countries use toilet paper on a regular basis. These are the top 10 Countries/Areas most affected by deforestation as of 2016 and can benefit from our global mission to encourage users to use sustainable brands 1) Brazil 2) Indonesia 3) Russian Federation 4) Mexico
    5) Papua New Guinea 6) Peru 7) United States of America 8) Bolivia 9) Sudan & 10) Nigeria

    Current progress

    Our social enterprise is in early stage startup development and we a currently building a social community with a scheduled launch date for our kickstarter campaign set for April 20, 2017.
    1) Prototype developed
    2) Supplier contacted
    3) Ecommerce site built
    4) Building Team/Operations
    5) Logistics and Fulfillment finalizing
    6) Sales and Marketing strategy in development
    7) Seeking partnerships

    Project URL


    Sustainable Development Goals

    7. Affordable and clean energy; 11. Sustainable cities and communities; 12. Responsible consumption and production; 13. Climate action; 14. Life below water; 15. Life on land; 17. Partnerships for the goals

    Partnership types of interest

    Advocacy of global issues; Business opportunities in low income communities/countries ; Project funding; Provision of goods; Standards and guidelines development

    Regions / countries / territories

    Americas: United States

    Detailed location

    Currently located with offices in Pine Bluff and Little Rock, Arkansas.
    716 West Barraque St. Pine Bluff, AR & The Venture Center Little Rock, AR

    Issue areas

    Biodiversity; Climate Change; Energy; Principle 7; Principle 8; Principle 9; Social Enterprise

    Business sectors

    Industrial Goods & Services - Support Services; Other; Retail


    Existing partners

    1)Climate Reality Leadership Corp Leader (able to present publicly the issues of climate change as a climate reality leader and discuss sustainable solutions such as our product WHOLEROLL)
    2) Startup Junkie-Mentee/Client of this organization in Northwest Arkansas
    3) The Venture Centure in Little Rock Arkansas(member)
    4) In process consulting with the Arbor Day Foundation about a potential partnership with our Plant A Tree a Box program.
    UPDATE on UN & ARBOR DAY FOUNDATION PARTNERSHIP: The Arbor Day Foundation partners with the UN in the fulfilling of the SDG’S. Through our partnership with them which will begin March 1, we have committed to plant a tree for every package of WHOLEROLL that is purchased. The Arbor Day Foundation in corporation with the UN and Sustainable Development Goals agenda will ensure the tree planting activities take place. “Our One Box One Tree” Committment will address the Life on Land and Climate Action initiatives. All activities sponsored by WHOLEROLL will be measured.

    UPDATE ON CORPORATE PARTNERSHIP-WHOLEROLL INC IS asking the UN to assist with connecting with compatible consumer corporate partners where WHOLEROLL could enhance their product line. After WHOLEROLL reaches a certain level of sales (1 million annual),we will upon interest submit proposals for partnerships for market testing and to scale. We would also seek funding for social brand marketing, public relations, advertising, operations and inclusion in their supply chain management processes.

    Stakeholders consulted

    Academia; Community leaders; Indigenous groups; Other

    Preferred partner organisation(s)

    Company; Small or Medium-sized Enterprise; Social Enterprise; UN Entity

    Type of support needed

    Co-product development; IT support; Innovation partner; Marketing/Communications; Monitoring and Evaluation; Project implementation; Seed funding

    Collective Action
    • This initiative has a potential for scalability.
    • This initiative is seeking additional partners.
    • This initiative respects all dimensions of sustainable development.