• Overview

    Vision / description

    This project responds to the need for ensuring that marine fisheries on Sint Eustatius remains sustainably utilized. The market in the region for Statian seafood is growing and fishing practices are largely sustainable for most species of marine life. However, this delicate balance may easily change in the near future unless certain innovative initiatives are put in place that allows for more real-time reporting on the harvesting of seafood. The current project, called Statia Blue, is a holistic approach to marine fisheries management, which includes the development of virtual infrastructure that puts fisherfolk, the consumers of fish and the end market into close contact on a daily basis in order to ensure sustainable practices, fair pricing, security and real-time responses to changes in both the seafood market and environment. The project solution is the use of mobile technology to identify fish, guide transactions, monitor aggregate data and advise both buyers and sellers on sustainable fish management practices, especially for priority species (spiny lobster, grouper, conch, and others such as invasive species such as the lionfish). The project is expected to benefit fishermen primarily in Sint Eustatius but may be expanded over time to the neighboring islands of Saba, Sint Maarten/Saint Martin, and the closest offshore markets for fish in St. Kitts and Nevis. Furthermore, innovating can be a best practice for all OCTs trying to develop their fisheries.

    Project objectives

    a. Provide the automatic real-time communication necessary for matching of demand and supply for seafood
    b. Reporting on historical market conditions (quantities, prices, date and time of sale and delivery)
    c. Facilitate the provision of advice on environmental guidelines for a sustainable seafood market
    d. Facilitate automatic data capture and report generation
    e. Support appropriate communication among key stakeholders (some information will be confidential to specific parties).


    Communities engaged in the fishing industry

    Current progress

    The Sint Eustatius Foundation is seeking to contract the services of a software vendor to supply and implement a platform for facilitating improved participation between fishing communities, the Government, NGOs, and consumers of seafood in marine fisheries management by March 2019.

    Sustainable Development Goals

    8. Decent work and economic growth; 11. Sustainable cities and communities

    Partnership types of interest

    Project funding; Provision of goods

    Regions / countries / territories

    Americas: Netherlands Antilles

    Detailed location

    Sint Eustatius

    Issue areas

    Climate Change; Food and Agriculture; Social Enterprise

    Business sectors

    Industrial Goods & Services - Support Services


    Existing partners

    Sint Eustatius National Parks
    Caribbean Netherlands Science Institute

    Preferred partner organisation(s)


    Type of support needed

    IT support; Innovation partner; Project implementation

    Collective Action
    • This initiative has a potential for scalability.
    • This initiative is seeking additional partners.
    • This initiative respects all dimensions of sustainable development.
    • This initiative is not submitted with commercial intent.