Júlio Ribeiro Cortez Institute of Education and Culture (IJRCEC): Voluntary and Peaceful Social Assistance Projects

Júlio Ribeiro Cortez Institute of Education and Culture (IJRCEC): Voluntary and Peaceful Social Assistance Projects

  • Overview

    Vision / description

    The Júlio Ribeiro Cortez Institute of Education and Culture (IJRCEC), supports the ten principles of the Global Compact on human rights, labor, environment, and anti-corruption. The IJRCEC Institute aims to: 1. Respect the human being, valuing his or her work 2. Supporting and Helping in Sustainable Development 3. Expanding Teaching 4. Valuing Culture and its Diffusion 5. Honoring the people who have provided throughout the year some humanitarian service 6. Fighting for a more just and humane society 7. Acting in defense of Human Rights 8. Freedom of Expression 9. Promoting Peace and knowledge about it and 10.Contributing to Social Development.

    With this communication, we express our intention to implement these principles. We are committed to making the Global Compact and its principles part of the strategy, culture, and day-to-day operations of our company and engaging in cooperative projects that promote the broader development goals of the United Nations, in particular, the Sustainable Development Goals.
The IJRCEC will make a clear statement of this commitment to stakeholders and the general public. 

    Project objectives

1. We are a human family created by God, the final reality; 
2. The highest qualities of human beings are spirituality and moral nature; 
3. The family is the school of love and peace; 
4. Living for the good of others is the way to reconcile the divisions of the human family; 
5. Peace comes through cooperation and across borders of ethnicity, religion, and nationality. 
6. Promote the rescue of culture and education


    People living in poverty, victims of social diseases, civil wars, and natural disasters linking areas that need action and solutions such as information on and preservation of culture (customs, language, music, arts) and humanitarian aid and peace.

    Current progress

    IJRCEC HAS MORE THAN 100 VOLUNTEERS REPRESENTING THE INSTITUTION IN BRAZIL, ARGENTINA, INDONESIA, USA, INDIA, UKRAINE, AND CHINA. IJRCEC is involved in various humanitarian activities and is developing voluntary and peaceful social assistance projects.

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    Sustainable Development Goals

    1. No poverty; 4. Quality education; 5. Gender equality; 6. Clean water and sanitation; 9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure; 10. Reduced inequalities; 16. Peace, justice and strong institutions

    Partnership types of interest

    Advocacy of global issues; Provision of services / personnel; Standards and guidelines development

    Regions / countries / territories

    Americas: Argentina; Brazil; United StatesAsia: India; IndonesiaEurope: Portugal

    Detailed location

    Minas Gerais -BRASIL. Representações Adicionais: São Paulo, Minas Gerais e outros estados do Brasil …

    Issue areas

    Anti-Corruption; Education; Human Rights; Poverty; Water and Sanitation

    Business sectors



    Stakeholders consulted

    Academia; Civil Society groups; Community leaders; Minority groups; Other; Youth

    Preferred partner organisation(s)

    Academic; Business Association Global; Business Association Local; Company; Foundation; Public Sector Organization; Small or Medium-sized Enterprise; UN Entity

    Type of support needed

    Functional expertise; Project management; Volunteer

    Collective Action
    • This initiative has a potential for scalability.
    • This initiative is seeking additional partners.
    • This initiative respects all dimensions of sustainable development.
    • This initiative is not submitted with commercial intent.