Global Patient-Doctor Interaction through VMC (Virtual Mobile Clinic)

Global Patient-Doctor Interaction through VMC (Virtual Mobile Clinic)

  • Overview

    Vision / description

    VMC (Virtual Mobile Clinic) is a program to establish a global patient-doctor interaction platform with advanced mobile technology. It can connect smartphone users in China to advanced health care technology and expertise. VMC is not only the democratization of health care, allowing access to our medical experts without leaving their home, but it also capitalizes on the promise that digital health is supposed to offer. We have worked in collaboration with our VMC partners and our medical experts to deliver a health care model that will empower patients and improve quality outcomes of patients in rural areas with minimum cost.

    Project objectives

    The first step of this program is a trial phase to prove the concept, to illustrate that this model is effective and could actually solve health care imbalance problem in China.

    The ultimate goal of VMC program is to expand this program beyond China, to establish an international patient-doctor interaction system based on mobile technology, so that virtually everyone around the world with a smart phone can access advanced medical technology, knowledge, and expertise.

    We are seeking UN partners for a variety of activities, including project planning and evaluation. In particular, the office of UNDP would be a key potential partner.


    The patient in rural area, in isolated region which has limited health care resource will benefit most from this program.

    Current progress

    1. We have established partnerships with Chinese local government, Chinese rural hospitals and organizations. We have also talked with Chinese doctors and Chinese patients. The original plan has been made based on our discussion with related parties.
    2. We have recruited the medical expertise team in the US as our expert panel, which includes around 20 physicians across many clinical specialties.
    3. The mobile system has been established. More Wechat based applications are under development.

    Project URL

    Sustainable Development Goals

    3. Good health and well-being

    Partnership types of interest

    Advocacy of global issues; Business opportunities in low income communities/countries ; Project funding; Provision of services / personnel

    Regions / countries / territories

    Americas: United StatesAsia: China

    Issue areas

    Health; Poverty; Social Enterprise

    Business sectors

    Health Care


    Existing partners

    Shifield Group, Beijing Tongkang Health Informatics, Tangshan people’s hospital, Cleveland clinic at Florida, University of Virginia health system (Department of Orthopeadics),

    Stakeholders consulted

    Academia; Civil Society groups; Government; Minority groups; Other

    Preferred partner organisation(s)

    Academic; Business Association Global; Company; Foundation; Labour Global; Micro Enterprise; NGO Global; Public Sector Organization; Small or Medium-sized Enterprise; Social Enterprise; UN Entity

    Type of support needed

    Advocacy; Marketing/Communications; Seed funding; Volunteer

    Collective Action
    • This initiative has a potential for scalability.
    • This initiative is seeking additional partners.
    • This initiative respects all dimensions of sustainable development.
    • This initiative is not submitted with commercial intent.