Development of Telemedicine in rural India

Development of Telemedicine in rural India

  • Overview

    Vision / description

    The starting point of this project derives from a two simple constatations. First, in India, as in other emerging countries, the majority of the population lives in remoted rural areas while the technological poles are situated in big cities. These populations have no access to specialized doctors. Second, they are however generally covered by cellular network.
    The purpose of the project is : providing telemedecine devices to these remoted areas, and establishing partnerships with hospitals to link them to districts where they can spread their science in healthcare.

    Project objectives

    1) Finding new partners and dividing the country in different districts.
    2) Hiring paramedical agents and train them to use the devices (1 day)
    3) Creating mobile healthcare units equipped with our telemedicine devices and planning their tour around villlages.
    4) Equiping local hospitals with telemedicine devices so they can ask specialists advice for complicated cases.


    Rural communities
    Rural doctors

    Current progress

    My company is a little startup partly owned by IIT, the famous University of Technology in Mumbai. We are looking for partners to spread our health technology around remoted areas in India. We developed a solution for an easy anytime access to specialized doctors in rural communities thanks to a wireless connected device. Several hospitals want to get them, but need to raise money. The partnership could also be considered in terms of providing human resources to go in the villages while we provide technical support. Our product can measure medical data like ECGs, foetal dopler, blood pressure, pulse oximetry, temperature… And send them via cellular, wifi or LAN network to a cloud, containing all patients’ files (in an encrypted way). The systems automatically send the specialist doctors an email or SMS containing the link to the file so he can directly visualize it on his tablet/smartphone/computer, in case of emergency. He cans also chat or video calling the paramedical staff on the field, and gives instructions to monitor the patient. All the doctors have a personal ID to log in on the cloud, and can send each other the patient’s files to share expertise.

    These devices have showed that they could considerably improve diagnostic in remoted areas. We would be pleased to find partners who are interested in improving health system in India.

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    Sustainable Development Goals

    3. Good health and well-being

    Partnership types of interest

    Business opportunities in low income communities/countries

    Regions / countries / territories

    Asia: India

    Detailed location

    Maharastra state (first)

    Issue areas


    Business sectors

    Health Care; Industrial Goods & Services; Technology; Telecommunications


    Existing partners

    IIT Bombay, IBM, Schiller, Allied Digital, Tata, Gurukrupa Hospital, Saving Lives Foundation, Wockhardt Foundation

    Stakeholders consulted

    Academia; Government; Indigenous groups; Other

    Preferred partner organisation(s)

    Business Association Global; Business Association Local; Company; NGO Global; NGO Local; Public Sector Organization; Small or Medium-sized Enterprise; Social Enterprise; UN Entity

    Type of support needed

    Funding; Marketing/Communications; Project management; Volunteer

    Collective Action
    • This initiative has a potential for scalability.
    • This initiative is seeking additional partners.
    • This initiative respects all dimensions of sustainable development.